A lesson in finances...am I right?

here’s the quiz…I have $137 dollars to make it to July 30th…if I smoke I buy $80 dollars worth of cigs and have a residing $57 dollars to live on, plus I have to buy meds in about a week…I told myself I was only going to smoke one an hour and that worked for about 2 days, now I’m up to four cigarettes an hour no matter how hard I try to cut back…I have to stop I have decided…I am emotional and family sick because of all the visitors lately, but when is it ever a good day to quit? I see no other way but not to smoke…I wish there was a less expensive way to smoke, but already I know that cigs are low priced in my state…I’m just a fiend and need to lock up the lighter…so that’s what I am going to do…

Buy one of those do it yourself cig machines, or rolling papers, and a large bag of pipe tobacco.

In this way you can go an entire month on about thirty dollars, and even less if you do rolling papers.

And in this way you can smoke all that you want, it doesn’t matter the amount.

I’m gonna try and quit soon too. Smoking is too expensive and I also have a terrible cold. I can’t smell or taste anything, and have been sneezing a lot. When I tried to cut back, I became more emotional but my emotions felt natural and I think I could handle it.

good luck, Starry Night…my house is full of left over rum bottles but instead of drinking them I am going to let my girlfriend drink the left overs…I can’t drink if I am going to stop smoking. Yes, I would rather have the health benefits and the money that comes with stopping smoking…

pansdisease, I did that in Arizona with the electric rolling machine…I can’t afford any of that stuff at all, even though it’s much lower in price…I would still smoke over $140 dollars worth…did the math, that is not an option…

I feel like I can do this for some odd reason…it’s been an hour since I stopped smoking and already I feel the energy level going up…I am going to play musical chairs jumping around the house instead of smoking…maybe I will paint something today…

good luck michael xxx

My problem is alcohol. I have it to where I get drunk once a week, but that takes will power. I know it is combining with the med’s and doing damage. I drink thirteen beers once a week. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but it still causes problems.

I found out that drinking really affects my meds affect, so I have cut it out…I’ve decided that I will still drink socially but no more saturday night binges…just when I was really starting to enjoy rum…haha…oh well…I’ve also given up on trying to stop smoking…I’m down to one every thirty minutes and that’s roughly a pack a day and I was smoking three packs a day so this is a big improvement I think? good luck tapering down on your drinking crimby…I smoke weed instead of drinking and that’s not often I can never seem to find it but it beats drinking…?

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There is a much cheaper way to smoke - ryo (roll your own) tobacco. You just buy some filters, papers, and rolling tobacco and it’s much cheaper. You don’t need one of those rolling machines, I’ve never seen anybody use those and it’s incredibly easy to roll a cigarette anyway. They’re also nicer in my opinion than normal cigarettes. I use menthol filters and Golden Virginia ryo tobacco (it comes with papers attached) and it doesn’t taste nearly as chemically, it tastes much nicer. The equivalent of a 20 pack of cigarettes in price gives me more than 50 ryo cigarettes - and that’s with Golden Virginia which is one of the more expensive ryo tobaccos. 25 grams is cheaper than a 20 pack.

I don’t think you’re supposed to use pipe tobacco in cigarettes are you? I think it’s not the same as rolling tobacco

That’s all we smoke is pipe tobacco in rollies. Beats the price of cigarette tobacco. It’s not bad for smoking.

I never knew you could use pipe tobacco instead of rolling tobacco, maybe I’ll have to look into that and give it a try.

Doesn’t matter.

Whats it going to do, kill me?