A good thing you did lately

what’s a good thing you have done recently :slight_smile:

i asked a friend if he wanted some ciggy papers after his got wet.

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I took my mom swimming, made dinner for us and threw out the garbage/recycling this week.


I worked out and put my laundry away.

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My sister was due a parcel delivery but she had to go to the doctors. So I house sat for her.


e(Y)e Saved tha Universe … ,

Seriously … ,

Lil Me … ,

God Said Something L(Y)Ke , “so you up for your chores?” … ,

e(Y)e was Angry and Said , “what tha heckdizzle yo , i’m busy!” … ,

He Shrugged my Anger and Finished Eating His Pasta … ,

e(Y)e Ate tha Rest and then Saved tha Universe … ,

That’s a Good Thing Rite (???)


but Seriously , , ,

e(Y)e am Showing my Dad Complete Patience … ,

Tha Worst to Live with but e(Y)e’m Trying .


I got the lady at the school market sick and now the whole campus will get sick because she’s sniffling and coughing away, breathing on everybody that comes into the market! Oh you said good things :frowning:


I’m getting into weight lifting. It gives me some joy because it provides me with physical therapy too. I have a big health issue with my muscles. I couldn’t get into lifting before because of how frustrating it was, but now I’m more accepting of my issues.

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I donated a hundred dollars to a humanitarian organization called “Doctors Without Borders” and to a human rights organization called “Amnesty International”.


Wooooo crimby!!! You’d make Linda goodman proud :slight_smile:

Just made curry and naan for my dads visit tomorrow.


Same as sleepoptimistic, I’m showing a lot of patience to someone in real life!


Yap ,

It Can be Maddening … ,

e(Y)e’m at tha Corner of tha Universe … ,

It’s a Small Room & e(Y)e Jus Want to See tha Sky … ,

but as it Stands Rite Now e(Y)e’m Stuck … ,

Wanna Know How Many T(Y)me$ He’s Asked me How My Dai Has Been (???) ,

Never .

e(Y)e See My Therapist Tomorrow , Gonna Chat it Up and Spill Out Some Problems … … …


I give the numerous homeless people in my neighborhood a dollar or two when I can spare it. It is not a lot of money but heck, I know they appreciate it, because in my adult life I’ve been broke before for long periods of time and I appreciated every cent that came my way.


i washed dishes

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i had a shower this morning and managed to brush my teeth last night before bed :slight_smile:


I am helping my friend to hard reset its Samsung phone.


today I finally decided to play Dark Souls 2 on the xbox one that my brother gave me. he gave it to me last month.

years ago, my brother brought me a nintendo 2ds and video games, but I didn’t really use them. I’m not much into video games like I was when I was younger. I would have preferred a book because I think videos and images give too much information that I’m not too fond of.

regardless, it’s disrespectful to not ever play the Dark souls 2 game that was still in the wrapper, so I tried it out. didn’t like it, but at least I can tell him “I played the game you gave me, bro.” he also bought me Call of Duty: World at War or something, but I told him straight away I wasn’t playing that because i saw a walk-through of it a few years ago, and the game was too graphic.

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You can donate to Sarad Without Borders its European NGO and we offer all kind of services to people.
Jk :blue_heart:


I’m visiting my grandparents :blush:


I’m taking my wife out to dinner because she deserves it.