What do you do to make others happy?

I was just wondering what others do to make their family or spouses or friends happy?

My sis had to do a staff training yesterday and so we didn’t get to have sunday adventure day.
I admit… the old me-- Me three years ago would have pouted and sulked and not spoken to her when she got home.

This is the new me. The happier me. So, I made a nice dinner for her, cleaned the kitchen and got dinner all set up on the beach near our place.

She was not only surprised, she was really happy with not having to cook anything or clean anything.

It felt good to do this for her.

What do others do to help out and make others happy?


I haven’t put a lot of thought into it really. I guess I do others certain favors - get them a glass of water, help them with a light chore etc… Its nice to be nice


I got underpayed by SSDI so they deposited a lump sum of $11,000 into my bank account.This was about two years ago. The first thing I did was pay off my credit card debt which was about $4000. The second thing I did was buy a box set of Aerosmith cd’s. The third thing I did was buy three tickets to see Sheryl Crow in concert up at a small, intimate, exclusive venue up in the hills near our house. It sat about 200 people. I treated my two sisters who have done so much for me over the span of 30 years with me having schizophrenia. Including parking it cost me over $300.00. I was so happy I could do that for them, it was just a drop in the bucket compared with what they both have done for me. We went and had a good time. I believe it made them happy.


Much as I would like to say…ok, no,
How about fixing a glass of (starts with a “m”) chai oolong tea?
Ceviche dinner? …mmmmmm
Carne asada lunch…mmmmmmmmm
Letting him sleep without me making a lot of noise?
Watching boxing on saturday nights?


The biggest thing I can ever do is to be a good listener for them.
Always accept them as they are. And understand what they really mean and how they feel.

And I always thank them. Tell them “thank you” when I mean it.

Other than that, I give them presents, paint a picture for them, make some sweets for them when they visit my apartment, etc. without expecting anything in return.

You reminded me of one such day I had when I was younger. When my mom was late due to work, I washed all the stuck-up dishes and cleaned the kitchen. When she got home, she looked relieved. I did it just because I truely wanted to help her.


About two months ago my middle sister had to fly to Arizona for an event that had something to do with her job. And at the same time, my brother-in-law had to go somewhere. My sister was gone for 4 or 5 days so I went over her house and watered her plants, fed her cat, played with her, cleaned her litter-box and made sure she had water and brought in the mail. I do this for both my sisters occasionally. I never ask for money for doing it but they usually pay me. This time she didn’t pay me but I didn’t care. It makes me feel useful to do stuff like this. My other sister travels too and I will let her dog stay at my house while she’s gone. I walk her dog twice a day, feed her, and play with her.


I like to cook and bake for people.


I rub my husband’s feet or back, and give him my full attention, and sit with him, then he’s happy
When I go with my husband to visit my parents for a few days I cook a meal for them, my mom enjoys the break


My sense of humor…


I am a social worker and activity director in a nursinghome. Tomorrow I am giving a baseball party. We are having hotdogs and crackerjacks. I pick two patients a week and bring them a treat. My son is sick and it helps me to focus on something else. I brought a lady strawberries last week you would have thought it was a million dollars.


That was super sweet of you, To me, the strawberries were better than a million dollars!

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Today I gave a resident spam for his birthday. He loves spam. I gave another lady fried green tomatoes.little things make them happy


my mum has been on holiday for a week so me and my sis have been making sure my dads ok.

she is actually due back any minute now and my dad has had work done to the garden so he is hoping she likes it (soon find out) lol

i try and help my dad bc he has a terminal illness and i got him some snacks that i think he might like and i hope agrees with him as he has trouble eating certain foods.

i try and help my mum as well as she has disabilities too but not as bad as dad.

i also try and help sweep and her dad and she also helps out a lot as well and her dad has needed extra help recently too due to old age and she has been doing great looking after him as well.

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your kid sis will really appreciate your effort and surprisedj your a lucky person

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I wish I could buy my mom a new stove I wish I could pay her credit card bills from when my son was in the hospital

Today we made 90 tomato sandwiches to make nursinghome residents happy. They loved it.

I remember how happy my parents made me when they brought me yogurt covered raisins in the hospital.

I like to sacrifice myself to make others happy,but I overdo it sometimes,when I see people laugh I feel happy but I should laugh more myself

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I have had alot of problems since my son got sick. Thinking of others diverts me from the pain of our problems