Are you trying to improve your life? How?

I am planning on volunteering on as farm near my house. Since I skipped the summer quarter in school my sister suggested that I get a volunteer job for the summer. I checked out a bunch of different one and narrowed it down to this one. I called the guy in charge today and went online and filled out a required waiver; for if I get hurt they are not responsible. It will be on Saturdays and I can show up and work at the time I choose and leave at the time I choose.


It’s amazing! What’s your responsibility for this volunteering job ?

Well they have a community garden. I will be shoveling, pruning, picking vegetables, making compost etc.


Wow, that will be some extra work to your janitor job. you will be busy. How was your health condition? Did you get morning sedation from seroquel 200mg?

Since I got out from under the sz diagnosis, I am improving a bit, day by day, as the meds leave my system. Trying to get these migraines under control. Also, if you see my other thread, we are working on getting guardianship of an out of state 14 year old. :smiley:


I could tell you are very happy at the moment, alien99. Hope your work on getting the guardianship of the 14 year old goes smoothly.

Yeah, alien I saw that post. That’s quite a responsibility. I’ve never raised any kid but I lived with both my young nephews for three years. I liked watching them grow up. But it’s kind of weird to remember my (now) sullen, disrespectful 23 year old nephew who was once a cute little cheery kid that I used to go to his school with his mother to pick him up and we would play with him and all his friends.

well, this is day 3 of stopping smoking for me…I feel very good considering…I just decided “I want to be happy” and cigarettes costs keep me on my knees in misery so I am “choosing happiness” over misery. Really seems easy this time I guess I finally want to quit? I quit drinking too, which makes stopping smoking easier since I am not tempted to have a drink with a ciggie too…

wishing you luck alien, wow both alien and nick seem very high functioning?

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@jukebox, I don’t know if you remember me from the old forums, but I was diagnosed with a form of epilepsy and the sz diagnosis was scrapped. Apparently it was epilepsy all along. I stay here because I have friends here, and while I may not have had sz per se, I went through sz hell, so I can relate. I am on an anti-seizure med now and things are fine. Now if I could just get these migraines under control, I’d be in tip-top shape.


I’m really glad you figured out the situation with what was ailing you !! yes, I remember you…you are very cool…

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one day at a time, i use to be able to do a lot more but now i am not in the mood, hopefully i will get motivated again and i can do something,

i was obsessing about things lately just before my dad died and i wanted to work and do things but now i have had a reality check and i have realized that i am kidding myself, i am lucky if i can do anything myself. i use to think that my life would fall apart if my dad wasn’t here but luckily i have taken the situation a bit better than i thought.


I’m trying to better myself by decreasing my smoking. I’m shooting for a 50% reduction. And I’ve been doing ok at it so far.

I’ve also started doing core exercises to help my back pain. I’ve been doing them 7 days per week, and I can feel it helping!




I’m trying to position myself, and keep positoned, to make a significant (for me) amount of money on this smart glasses wave of technology that seems to be coming.

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@jukebox, I’ve been preparing to quit smoking, using an online Smoke-No-More support group. I’ve set tomorrow, Thursday, July 31 as the day I am going to quit cold turkey. All I have going that day is a short trip to the dentist in the morning.

I hope things go as smoothly for me has they have been for you. I understand that every attempt to quit is different… just because it’s easy for you this time doesn’t mean the next quit will be easy too. Don’t count on it. Or that if quitting has always seemed impossible to me that the next quit will be just as difficult. In other words, we can’t know ahead of time what to expect with this demon! (That was difficult to put into words but was interesting to me.)

Best wishes to both of us.


stay out of bed more -


I’m trying to learn how to manage money, cook for myself more and just be more self-preserving.


I’m going back to school and I started volunteering weekly a couple of hours at the Empowerment Exchange to help people with MI.


I’m trying to secure employment, be more positive etc.


I am trying to improve my life, by eating healthier. I really should keep up with the walking more.
I am also trying to improve my life by fine tuning my meds, nothing major now, and I am feeling a bit better by going down on the Lamictal and Klonopin - less stimulation so far, and for the last couple of days, deep depression has stayed away


That is really good news. I’m glad that you and this new doc can work together on this… that she trust your judgement to fine tune and you seem to trust her with some of the broad brush strokes.