A girl is zapping me with something

A girl is using some device, I feel to shrink me, but its making me feel really sick. I look really tired, I don’t feel well. I wish I could break her machine in two

I hope you feel better. We all have these fantastic active imaginations! You should write a book!

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I think she thinks she isn’t doing any thing but she is.

I am sorry that is happening to you. It’s hard to believe that it is not real when you are knee deep in hallucinations.

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Thanks @anon97859349! I just want to be able to go to class in end of this month.

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Maybe you should be sharing this stuff with your pdoc. Do you see a doctor?


I feel like she is really doing this to me, how can I stop her? Any ideas how she does this? I am sorry for asking this.

I really don’t think this is happening. It sounds like something you need to share with your pdoc. Maybe you need a med adjustment or something. That might make it go away.

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Does anyone go thru this experience? It really hurts

What you’re experiencing is a delusion. And that’s the danger of delusions, they feel very real.
You should mention it to your doctor, and try to remind yourself it’s not real.

No such machines exist, and nobody would do that to another person.

Yes I will talk to my pdoc about it, Just was wondering anyone went thru something similar?

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