Be embarrassed?....or just laugh

I thought I was home alone, and I wasn’t…standing in the yard talking to myself about god knows what, and probably acting really strange. Busted. Now I feel like I need to explain myself so people know I’m not wigging out, but they’ll probably think that anyway. I try to hide my craziness…oops.

I talk to myself. They aren’t lengthy conversations and I’m not hearing a response when I do or anything. But I do say things out loud when I think I’m alone.

The other week I was walking into my apartment not knowing that my dad was up there saying hello to my cat. As I was coming up the stairs I was giving myself an out loud word of encouragement. when I saw that my dad was there and had heard me I got very embarrassed but I mean I’ve heard him talk to himself. He talks to himself about work all the time and he certainly isn’t mentally ill.

I’d just shrug and laugh it off.

I have nothing interest to say to myself.

I don’t think many notice with everybody talking on there mobiles these days. The amount of times I thought I was among a fellow voice hearer only find they where chatting on their mobile.

@drewleo34 I don’t think you have much to be embarrassed about. You don’t feel embarrassed if you have to use a crutch after you broke your leg. Schizophrenia is no less a physiological problem than a broken leg.

If the person who caught you talking to yourself knows about your schizophrenia the best course of action might be to just have a conversation with them. Sometimes I think part of the stigma connected with mental disorders comes from the fact we are unwilling to talk about it. I know you don’t want to get into specifics if they are embarrassing but the more our loved ones are knowledgeable about the disease in general, the more they will see us as simply regular people with a problem.

In the end though the important thing is you really have nothing to feel embarrassed about.


happened a few weeks ago when the phone guy came to fix the line…oh well…
I think I have told people I was praying, talking to angels, or talking to faeries. that is usually the case anyways… the response is usually “Okaaaay…”
I really don’t care… I have more invisible friends than they do…their life must be so horribly boring!

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Play it down. It shouldn’t cause you problems unless you do something really bad.

Just laugh it off… I find the more I try to explain it, the worst I get.

Besides… I’m actually not that interesting compared to some of the people in my neighborhood.

In my city, you have to try pretty hard to get noticed as crazy. Not in my part of town where I live with my parents, we live in the suburbs. Just enter the city and you have some competition for craziest/most dangerous/smelliest/sickest/poorest/ugliest/ really anything.

I sometimes hide my craziness and sometimes I just tell my friends what I am thinking about. I am having a silly brain morning, this happens when I wake up early and didnt get enough sleep…I just enjoy it and then eventually pass out and wake up normal again.

Last time I was actually a little psychotic, like really upset about the ending to Cowboy Bebop and talking about it with one of my friends and moaning on the couch. I couldnt think straight for the most part. Right now I am thinking straight for the most part. But really I am still more upset about Ed and Ein leaving the ship than I am about Spike dying after he killed Vicious. I mean Ed and Ein need structure, there is something wrong with Ed (he might be one of us) and Ein is corgi who has incredible intelligence for a dog, he was the product of an experiment.

I have a big appetite but there is just a lot of cheese and ■■■■, literally ■■■■ in the fridge. Like I should take a picture of the inside of the fridge and upload it, its depressing.

I dont want to eat poopy cereal, I hate it.

Maybe this is due to the chipotle I ate last night. I mean it was a huge, double steak and add guacamole burrito. I woke up hungry at 6am and have just had a big mug of coffee. Mom went to get blood drawn for some reason, so I have to wait to eat.

I eat in a big one of these things