A former friend of mine

doesn’t leave me alone with how she wants to be my counselor/friend and to play dr. on me. she tries over and over again to establish herself as my supervisor in life, in other words, I am to be her mental case/patient and to lock myself up so to speak under her rules.

my mom feels sorry for her and lets her have some of what she wants by trying to impose this woman’s rules on me and her “counseling ideas.” I am afraid I am going to lose my temper at my mom because of this.

talking to my therapist gives me suggestions only. she cannot stop this scenario from happening. I feel like taking this woman and her support group that encourages her to court for harassment and psychological abuse.


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Maybe she means well. But overbearing advice, or flat out bad advice, can be harmful to people with schizophrenia.

You must take a stand and tell her that, while she thinks she’s helping, you feel she’s doing more harm than good.

I say it a lot, but it’s really true: sometimes we have to be our own advocates and be assertive!

I hope you can do this.




You could get a recommendation for a real therapist, that way you’ll have someone on your side who can help tell her to back off. Your general practitioner or psychiatrist should be able to recommend one.

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Can I ask how she is doing this? Phone calls or coming into the home? If it’s phone calls then stop answering them. If she is coming into the home then perhaps ask for your mom’s support in not letting her in at least when you are home.

I’m currently having problems with my downstairs neighbor. Proving harassment and/or abuse is not an easy thing to do unfortunately.

Your mum has to stand up for you. And I agree with Anthony. You can stand up for yourself too. You can tell her in so many words that you don’t like her, if you want. Say something like, “The thing is, I know you would like to be helpful, but from my side, unfortunately, there’s just no rapport at all. Perhaps it’s because I find your manner rather forceful and intrusive. It’s really inappropriate for me, I think.” None of that is actually rude, but it’s true and you have the right to say it.

She’ll get the feedback she needs if she ever is planning to be a counsellor, LOL. You’ll be doing her a favor!

hi. thanks for your suggestions and ideas. they’re wonderful.