I think that I am through with my therapist

Ever since getting out of the psych Hospital my therapist has been treating me like I was 5 years old.
She is siding with my abusive father and brother and does not believe a word that I am telling her.
She keeps talking to me real slow like I don’t understand her and she keeps asking me for the psych Hospital records and discharge papers.

I am really disappointed in her.
I thought that she knew better and was more compassionate and understanding.

I need a therapist that understands severe mental illnesses, I don’t need a therapist that stigmatizes and is afraid of me.

I will see less of her until I move into the group home, then I will drop her like a hot potato.

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Can you ask to be referred to a different therapist? Talk to your case manager about it and figure out your options.

To be honest, my case manager is a kid, he is straight out of college and does not carry a lot of weight in the organization. He is also a temporary caseworker - they are assigning someone with a lot more experience for me soon.

I have a Supervisor that I am in touch with, she is very helpful - and she plays an important role within the charity.
I have to talk to her soon and ask her a lot of questions on housing and other matters.
I may ask her about getting me a therapist.
Good idea @Ninjastar - thanks.

I may drop my therapist now - I am truly disgusted with her attitude - I have never seen anything like it.


I’m glad they’re giving you someone with more experience soon. Cases like yours require a bit more knowledge.

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