A difficult afternoon

I had my depot this morning. My nurse said I appeared somewhat unwell. I’m not sure why. She was asking about my psychotic symptoms. So i told her.

Anyway afterwards i felt very disconnected from reality. Horrible feeling. I called her up and told her how I felt since our discussion.

Anyway she helped ground me which was good. I’m feeling somewhat better now.

How has your day been ?


Funny you say that. I’ve been having an off day too. But I think it’s because I’m abusing coffee.

Glad you’re feeling better.


I hope you feel better soon @everhopeful I tend to find a good nights sleep can reset the balance of things.


Glad you are feeling better.

Hope you feel better soon @everhopeful .:pray:t4:

I had covid and then delirium.
I’m not as dizzy as I was first day but I’m still dizzy.
Thankfully I’m well otherwise.
Resting and drinking water.
Managed a fifteen minute walk with loved one this morning.
Not bad for a dizzy Sheila.:crazy_face:
Hopefully I’ll recover completely soon.


Im glad your nurse was able to help you. My day was so so. I ended up getting better sleep than I have in a while. But missed day treatment. I babysat twice from 2:45-4:00 then from 5:45-8. I feel like ■■■■ right now but got gas, subway, vape supplies, and washed my sheets. So it wasn’t a total loss. I think I feel bad from spending time with my dad. Idk why I have such difficulty around him. Oh well. Tomorrow is another day.

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