How are you feeling today?

Im feeling lightheaded in a bad way. I feel airy in the head. I feel not very smart or sharp. I dont know what im supposed to think.

I hope you feel better :frowning:
Today, I feel apprehensive…I’m contacting a facility for ED treatment and I don’t know if I’ll be purging again…I purged twice yesterday :frowning:


I feel tired as always. low energy and no motivation.

its been great, i have had a good day and i was out at a new place with me ex, tonight me and a couple of pals are going out to a bar :slight_smile: and they just switched all the lights on where i live, looks great :slight_smile:


Like ten bucks.

Tired mostly. I didn’t go to sleep last night. Than I drove to Home Depot when it opened at 6:00 am and bought a space heater for my room.

i feel sleepy i sleep too much these days and for more than 5 months now it is too overwhelming

Feeling really bad, didn’t get much sleep last night feel like I’m in a dizzy haze being strangled in my head, very bad.

i feel ok, i start think positive about my work… and nobody tell me i am doing bad in it…others i am feel sadcannot sleep well,

I wish i could sleep at daytime. I usually sleep till noon but once im up i cant sleep during the day. I would like to. Sleeping feels pleasent to me.

I have insomnia. I thought sleepingpills dont work on me cause i tryed them in the past. But my doc prescribed them and i tryed again…and it turnes out they work perfectly. Maybe im under their influence during day cause of long effect but its not a big issue.

a bit annoyed that i drank again

Today was a bit of a roller coaster because things got stressed with ms moonwalker and leaving the house but it all worked out. So over all a good day

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