A depressed bug

I was cooking my horribly tortured dead chicken the other night when a bug flew up and sat next to the pan i was using.

He then jumped into the flames.

I guess he was depressed, if only i could have helped him, he just didn’t see anyway out of it.

Should people make antidepressants for bugs? If they are going to be doing things like this maybe they need help.


Haha you say some funny ■■■■, Peace Chris

Yeah. They could be in a spray can.

sounds like a something a moth would do lol,

maybe we should call them suicide bugs haha


I think I got a real depress big on my brain,need to kill it man

Lol oh my god I am cracking up! I can’t stop laughing! Someone make it stop please - lol
You are way too funny @pansdisease

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