Bugs are terrible all the sudden

Wasn’t even noticeable all summer. Was outside for about 30 minutes earlier.

My legs and arms are all chewed up and itchy. AHHHHHHH regret

maybe you can use an insect repellent? weather started to change over here, it’s getting dark about 8 pm nowadays and kinda chilly.

Your brothers yard is overgrown.
Just sayin’.

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It would be a good idea but I hate that stuff too. Weird dry oilyness and the smell.

Deet = deer piss btw

Yeah its typically so nice out there

I guess that bugs are chilling in there too.


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Hah that’s cute…

I was there first damn it

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Oh and good night :imp:

fine… leave… its my thread anyways

I feel like i’m going to sleep well tonight. gotta hold out for a couple more hours.

try rubbing catnip on yourself. will attract all the mountain lions but scare off all the bugs


I work on the fourth floor by the window, and this morning there were clouds of tiny biting gnats outside, all lit up golden in the sunrise. Weirdly beautiful but so depressing.

holy ■■■■ dude. good thinking

I’ve been covering myself in deet for months there brutal in the forest here. I don’t care what deet is. After enough bites I’ll spray anything lol

I have been attracting lots of mosquitos lately, getting tired of those little stinkers