Thirteen years

I haven’t been on solid ground for so long, nothing good has happened the entire time.

Solid living situation, nope, health, nope, money, nope, family, big nope on that one, transportation, nope, healthy food and drink, nope.

Homelessness, yep, fear and terror, yep, disease, yep, poverty, yep, abuse, yep, beatings, yep, bad family, yep, abandonement, yep, can’t work, yep, demons/someone torturing me, yep.

Oh my god if you are there just kill me with your super magical powers please, you flooded those people that one time why can’t you end my life, why won’t you, kill me!

No one wants to help me get barbital either, id be out like a light, no more pain, i need this ■■■■, i don’t want to kill myself with antipsychotics, i need the good stuff.

Everything that could have gone wrong has happened and still it’s ongoing, ■■■■!

I don’t think God reads this forum.

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But i thought you were god malvok.


Is there any consoling fear? Because consoling it is what we need. But we seem to object to being consoled. Some unknown someone in power is king and is a threat. Is his power real? It is if we let it be. If we let him into our heads and let him rule our minds. Chill out. It couldn’t be any chillier than he is. Chill on chill. If I manage to warm myself does he steal the warmth from me. Realize that he is gone. I may have my warmth.
Don’t forget to eat. Warmth requires energy. Even if it’s only junk food, eat.