A closely watched schizophrenia drug fails key test

Though luvadaxistat didn’t hit its main goal, it did succeed on secondary endpoints focused on cognition.


It has not been the year for new sz drugs. Still bitter about minerva


There’s still no meds for negative symptoms. Caplyta was marketed for negative symptoms since it works on Glutamate NMDA receptors but its not available here. KarXT is in clinical trials phase 2 for negative symptoms and phase 3 (last phase) for positive symptoms/psychosis.


How could there be though?, you can’t inhibit dopaminergic activity, causing frontal lobe dysfunction and expect motivation and focus. It’s like taking speed and hoping to wind down and take a peaceful nap.

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You can. The closest we have now are partial dopamine agonists. Instead of fully blocking dopamine, they boost it when its low and block it when its high. We need more and better meds that work that way. You can have negative symptoms off meds. My pdr said negative symptoms are due to low dopamine in some brain parts even when without meds. I have less negative symptoms on Abilify than off meds.

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Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar are partial dopamine agonists but they don’t work for everyone’s negative symptoms. Some here like me got their negative symptoms improved by switching to one of those meds. Not sure if Caplyta is a partial dopamine agonist.

Abilify still occupies 80% of dopamine receptors at very low doses. The pet scans show it all https://www.pharmacology2000.com/Autonomics/Adrenergics1/pet-aripiprazole.JPG

I am talking from personal experience. I have less negative symptoms on Abilify than off meds and I went off meds for 2 years. Others on the forum had the same experience as me, one is a mod.


That doesnt mean its blocking it, it can also mean that its boosting it. Its a partial dopamine agonist.

I’m not sure why that is repeated over and over all over the place as the possible increase in the prefrontal cortex only is seen at extremely low doses of 0.2mg, just shows how information can be skewed in favour of drugs.

Idk but I was on 20mg Abilify, I was going to the gym and hanging out with friends everyday. I had some jobs too. Now I cant do any of that on Risperdal 4mg, I stay in bed most of the time and play video games on my pc with friends and video call my friends.

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I am also a survivor of Risperdal (& Invega), and am now on Abilify. The negative symptoms affect me severely, and I have none on Abilify. I have acquired tardive dyskonesia on Abilify, but I started taking it in 2004, when it was really new. I want one day to be stable enough to function without meds, even if only part of the time, because Abilify does do dangerous stuff to the brain, as they all do, after so long a time. (That should be tempered with the psych opinion that unattended psychosis also causes really bad stuff in the brain, long term.) I guess what I’m saying is, pharmaceuticals and doctors have scans and data, but this is second hand information. This data is useful, but our personal experience with how the drug makes us feel and act is equally valuable, and recovery of any kind is a synthesis between patient experience and medical understanding of the effects. I always belive anyone who says they are “better” or “worse” on meds they are supposed to respond differently to. That said, Abilify helps me the best. Sounds like you respond well to it, too, @Aziz . I hope you can find peace and happiness on whatever meds you need/ choose.

Mainly, this is a message of support to everyone here who is only trying to understand this mystery illness from the inside, while simultaneously fighting for their lives. And this is my first post ever, so it’s also a weigh in.


Welcome to the forum @Sue_Bee ! :sunny:

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Thanks and welcome to the forum!

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Sep 363856 helps with negative symptoms, you could pay your minister or mayor a visit when its launched in us and ask if your country’s FDA could approve it asap which is what I did and my minister said he could help me


That doesn’t work here in North America. In my natal country Syria you could bribe the government and the police lol When we were arrested by police bcz of speeding we just paid the police cash a small amount like less than half the ticket and he let us go without writing a ticket :joy:

No I don’t mean to bribe the government I meant to just ask to speed up the approval process or see how the progress is.

Can your country directly use FDA approved medicine?because mine can’t as we have something call HSA here which is like FDA for our country

I am unsure about canada

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No, here it has to be approved by Health Canada.
I asked my family Dr about importing Vraylar but he said Health Canada doesn’t allow that.

How long does it take to be approved after its launched in the us? Mine takes around 4-5 years

Cariprazine and rexulti approved in 2018-2019

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Some are 5yrs and some are more but not every US med gets approved in Canada. Here you can see when are meds approved in Canada, Rexulti was approved in 2017: