70's men fashion, please don't come back

I’m really open minded but seriously this is junk. Just look at this :smile:


Just the poncho :grinning:

ive seen women wear the bottom left one lol

7 of 13 is oddly homoerotic for such an unaccepting generation. Shrugs


I think my Dad still wear the Kaitex-like fashions. Oh dear!

This is disco news!

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It will come back, luckily… Welcome to the merry-go-round, that is Earth…

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I kind like the poncho.

Yeah well this was the pop/mainstream culture. Although the hippies peak was in the sixties, there were still some hippies in the 70s!!! There’s a picture of my dad from 1979 with hair below his shoulders. He was 30! And my mom met him in 84 I asked her if he had the long hair when they met if they would’ve got married and she said no!!!

I kind of like the look of the oversized pointy collars, but I agree with you on everything else.

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I like 3rd picture down. Sexy :wink:

You mean I can’t wear my bell bottom cords, a thermal underwear shirt with the vest over it?
I’m going to go find a pet rock to crawl under and hide.


What’s that woman doing in the “Super Special” one? I think they just put a woman in the ad so people wouldn’t think the man is gay? All the other ones just went for it :smiley:

I think that woman is ‘admiring’ the man’s suit. O.o

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Can’t get nerdier than this lol

I think I saw something similar in my grandpa’s wardrobe.

That has to be one of the worst performances I’ve ever seen.

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I was drunk or stoned most of the seventies. I don’t remember what I was wearing.