1970's Fashion

I loved the women’s flowing styles and patterns…


The men? Not so much…


Haha! Yeah, women looked gorgeous in the seventies.

Some of the men dressed like they were trying to be pimps.

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Hah! It’s true!

It seems like most of the models from the 70’s have receding hairlines…their shirts have a dozen pockets…and their pants have huge belt buckles.

They really do look kinda like pimps.

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I see your point, but lets be honest here. Is there really such a thing as too many pockets?


i hard that, back in the day it was a protest on clothing we are different approch to things did not mean we were pimping out the neighbors gal’s


Why don’t they sell “stoner wear”? I used to go to school in my tan, bell bottom corduroys, a long underwear shirt and my Levi vest and my boots.
They never advertise “Stoner wear”, the outfit for the wasted teen on the go."


I miss the 70s 15

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The 70s needs to go back to its grave and stay there. The most unredeemable decade known to mankind.

My mom talks about how great the 70s were all the time.

I got all her clothes from that era,

Some really cool stuff,

Stuff I still wear.

But yes, I see your point about the men’s clothes,

And hair for that matter.

I personally think mens clothes really had a moment in the 70s. Jumpsuits, short shorts, wide collars, etc. Not a classic or traditional look, but at least they tried something that wasn’t just slight variations on the same thing.

I got a flowy dress from my mum too. And now looking at those photos I’m guessing she must have worn it in the 70s…

It looks nearly like a night gown but I think it’s just about still wear able in public

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I still have my Star Wars robot R2D2 from 1977 when I was 11 years old.

I gave it to my nephew who keeps it in his room. I have no idea what it might be worth.

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