5 weeks without my haloperidol depot is it possible?

Due to unfortunate circumstances I’ve had to go 5 weeks without my haloperidol depot 150mg. It’s been a very difficult 5 weeks due to those circumstances and now near the end of them things are getting messy in my head. I see my dr on Friday which will be the 5 week mark exactly.
My driving is all messed up and my down time is mental basically I can’t handle stuff at the moment. Is it a bad month or because I’ve missed the depot as usually scheduled?
I’ve still got enough ablify and enough prn. To get me to Friday. But I can’t go until then.
Any experiences shared will be really appreciated as things are falling apart.

The longest I’ve gone without my haldol shot is 2 weeks. I usually take a prn in the meantime but I can definitely tell that there is a difference. Make sure to get your shot on time or you will become symptomatic.

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Yes. Not getting your shot can cause you issues.

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I could get my shot today. Things definately started to get funky. But it was impossible to avoid.

I’m sorry for you that.you.got some issues with going.off your depo. I hope that things will even out in time.