5 day drinking spree

Don’t feel like going on. Dreams diminished, everyday is just suffering. It’s not worth being mentally insane anymore. Will probably end up on the streets. They say look around and see how beautiful life is, I can imagine better things then this world. The only time i get rest is when I’m asleep, surely that doesn’t last long. If Heaven and hell existed, looks like I’ll be rolling with the devil forever. Taking chest x ray’s tomorrow, they think I have lung cancer. It all has to be “just” in this “good plan” of god. Right??

Please no.
Please go somewhere people can watch and comfort you.
Let someone else hold your weight for a little while.
fat jellybean hug.
Because fat jelly beans are like fat animals. Better.

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You think the drinking spree has anything to do with how your feeling? I think a lot of people think that alcohol is an “upper” because it makes people uninhibited, but it’s actually a depressant.


take one step at a time, know some one cares.
take care

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Sorry you’re feeling so bad. Hope things get better for you.

Good luck with the chest X-ray and I’m rooting for you that it’s not lung cancer.

I agree with 77nick77. There comes a point where drinking and pot just makes it all worse and not better.

It is a depressant. Who needs to be more depressed?

Your family does love you.

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I felt bad last but this week I feel better. Things will get better for you, you just have to hang in there. I had a abnormal chest xray last year and the second X-Ray turned out alright. I hope yours does too.

Dear Mr. chrisjack,

last post of yours I read said you were getting off medication. Are you still med free?

could it be that this hit of bad news has sort of over filled your stress levels?

I hope you don’t mind me posting, but I don’t think you’ll be rolling with the devil forever. I just think that during this stressful time, you might need to not drink for 5 straight days. I would understand your upset. But please be kind to yourself.

I do hope you feel better and that you get the news that you will be Ok. I am keeping my fingers crossed that your ex-ray come back OK.


hope its not bad news :frowning:

i know someone who has a shadow in his lung but i heard this a few years ago and he is still alive and well, he is also a heavy drinker but manages to stop long enough for the liver to recover but i’d hate to be that guys liver :frowning: i’d have a white flag, he’s a nice guy though :smile:

really hope its ok x

forgive yourself but dont forget…i know its difficult but if you have theese kinds of tendancies best avoid it all together?? dont be too hard on yourself and tcxxxx

im so sso sorry to hear about the cancer it could be anything other than cancer dont panic till you get the results big hugs for you my friend:(

Dont worry about your ches xray… I see your picture here and you are too young to have lung cancer… Lung cancer don’t happen when your young.

sending you well wishes and hoping your x-ray turns out ok,blessings being sent your way.