Update for anyone who interested

So I was on here causing a lot of controversy and sparking fear a while back, I’m sorry if it annoyed anyone. It was a really aweful time in my life. Things haven’t got any better I’d say there probably worse, I’ve been trying to numb myself with alcohol which isn’t really working just wake up more depressed and usually will have caused some havok the night before. My mood swings a lot, from angry to depressed. I’m at wits end and really I don’t see much point in anything anymore. I’m going to the doctors in a week or two, the only real way I can see my life going good agian is a few courses of Hgh and DHT. From one really damaged human to the rest of you. Thanks for reading

maybe a 12 step program will help

Alcohol is a big temptation for me too. Some of the hangovers I’ve gotten have made me wonder why I drink. There were also times when I wondered what was so great about being drunk. Alcohol is a depressant. You might feel good for a little while when you drink, but then the hangover is a real killer. It’s been 96 days since I have drank, and I feel better without it.

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Def go to the doctor. Alcohol has never been my thing but i understand wanting to numbnit all o self medicated for a while still do from time to time mines pain killers good luck my friend.

Sorry things are down for you, my brother who used to drink waaaaay excessively,
then act like a B***hole,
got a x-mas present from me one year that was a T-shirt that read;

“Instant A**hole, just add alcohol”

Hope your smiling and not angry, just thought I’d share to lift your spirits.

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