40 mg Latuda -> 60 mg Latuda

OCD since 2009, SAD diagnosis in 2013 bi polar subtype

I got on 40 mg Lurasidone/Latuda and felt great! Like a little too great (hypomanic)
I had increased energy, faster thoughts, irritability, impatience with anyone who is not as fast as me which would be everyone.

Now, for 7 days, I have been on 60 mg Latuda and:
I am faster in thought
More impatient
More irritable
More delusional (I think I am a demon summoned from Hell that is trapped within my own body and that I am condemned to Hell for eternity because I am a sinner and I have sinned too greatly to be forgiven)
More pissed off when people do not see things the same way I do
Very aggressive

Is it time to go back to trying Trileptal/Anticonvulsant/mood stabilizer to bring the high/mania down to a reasonable level? I see psychiatrist tomorrow. I am on Latuda 60 mg and Zoloft 150 mg

Thanks in advance!

Why did you switch from 40 to 60 mg?

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because a physician in the family said “you are not 100% yet, you should increase the dose of latuda” … Psychiatrist today said bring zoloft down from 150-100mg, latuda 60-40mg, and she wants me on Lithium Carbonate 300 mg BID … but Lithium CAN cause renal failure, neuroleptic malignant syndrome, and can be fatal, so what the **** do i do? I would almost rather try the Trileptal again and take that BID (once every 12 hours). Thoughts?

I’m on Latuda 60mg and Zoloft 100mg, too. My doctor says that Zoloft can cause mania. Maybe ask your doctor if your mood is caused by one of your meds. Maybe you just need a med adjustment.

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Doctor (Psychiatrist) today said:
Zoloft 150 down to 100mg qday
Latuda 60 down to 40mg qday
Add on Lithium Carbonate 300mg BID… I have read about Lithium and I do not like what the reviews and side effects are showing (Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome - NMS), Renal Failure, Excitotoxicity (Massive glutamate releases), and possible convulsions/seizures… sounds like death to me. Thoughts?

I was thinking maybe try a Glycine supplement like DiMethylGlycine (DMG) to help with glutamate and GABA (Need more GABA than glutamate)

Might look into Taurine as well.

I am on 160 mg of Latuda and happy with it. You should try the Lithium. With blood tests, it is a perfectly safe medication. You don’t want to be secretly putting one over on your pdoc by speeding and feeling exhilarated all the time.I am on Trileptal too. My DX is Undifferentiated Schizophrenia. The doctor has me on it for anxiety.

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I was set on Latuda for the specific reason that it is not a weight gainer. I had gained over 100 pounds in less than 8 weeks on Zyprexa and I’d been a skinny Minnie all my life so it was not like I had a weight problem, to begin with. I stayed on this for many years though since it worked quite well and several times kept me living. Nonetheless, it is not increased desire that makes you profit on Zyprexa; it is a metabolic disturbance. Latuda was just accepted when I began developing pre-diabetic issues from Zyprexa’s metabolic consequences so my pdoc began me on it though it was off-label for Bipolar at the time. It was the only atypical that did not have weight gain as a negative effect. I’ve been on it for 3 years now and weigh 93 pounds; it is a battle to keep weight on, in fact.

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