30 years ago the world was different

There was no Internet, just the BITNET between different universities, a life was different, where would I be if I had not gone to America when I was 21 years old, who knows, but all this reminds me of my early uses of the net when I tried to figure out a net link from the Upper Michigan to Leningrad, it was Leningrad then, now Saint Petersburg and Russians can use the net for many purposes. The Berlin Wall was still there and was taken down nearly 30 years ago. The world has changed.

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Interesting topics, you should be a columnist.

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I remember growing up in the early 90’s and not having internet.

@mjseu Are you Russian ??

No, I am Finnish.

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Yeah, the world has changed a lot, even from when i was a kid. When i was a child, there were computers but there really wasn’t the internet. Cassette tapes were still in use, but i saw the introduction of CD’s. Video cassettes were being used until DVD’s came in. Gaming consoles improved. Mobile phones were huge and clunky. The processing power of computers were terrible - you get more processing power in today’s mobile phones than you got in those old computers. Then you have to look at medical improvements, technology, science…yes a lot has changed.

There have been improvements in medical sciences, new meds, in the next 30 years there may be improvements in antipsych meds and how sz is treated, looking forward having new technological improvements in the future.

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