Back when I was a kid

there was no internet. This would be about the same time as cavemen first discovered fire. Back then you had to look in a book and read it if you wanted to learn something. The advantages todays kids have with the internet is remarkable considering that most facts are only a few keystrokes away.

It makes me wish I was born around the year 2000.


I’m glad I was born when I was. It seemed to be Freer, and more innocent. Maybe that’s just idealized, but the world has changed so much since then


I would like to go back. I’m an 80s child. No net no nothing. Just your imagination and a bicycle.


I was a teenager in the 90’s, the “Social Media” if you want to call it that, that I used consisted mainly of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and a chatting app called ICQ.

I’m glad I was a teenager then, none of the stupid or embarrassing stuff I did when I was young is on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook, etc…

I grew up as a kid in the 80’s and remember having to look everything up I wanted to know in encyclopedias or having to go to a library.


I suppose there were some advantages to growing up when I did. My country was in much better shape. I worry about my countries future sometimes. There was no Coronavirus either. We had AIDS as the big worry back then. A disease which is highly treatable nowadays. And as dcragg65 mentioned, times were more innocent.

Things really have changed a lot in the last 30 years. Imagine 30 years from now if things keep changing at this rate.

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Dial Up was a thing by the time I reached middle school. Before that it was Encyclopedia Britannica or nothin’.

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I was born in 1995, internet has always been a part of my life.


It’s a blessing and a curse. Especially social media it has a negative effect on a lot of people!


Hmm. . .

When I Was A Young Youthful Individual Full Of Hope, Wishes, Dreams, And Endless Things.

I Loved Some Television Shows.

Like ‘Knight Rider’, ‘Stark Trek’, And Even LOVED That Whole ‘TGIF’ Programming!.

Discovered My Love For Sport’s Entertainment During The 49’s Win During A Superbowl.

With ‘Joe Montana’, ‘Jerry Rice’, ‘Roger Craig’, And The Rest.

Had Baseball, Football Cards. Would Create My Own Games With Them.

Was Even Fascinated By All Of The Stats, Numbers And Such.

Loved Comic Books. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, X-men, Archie, The Incredible Hulk.

Would Always Read A Comic Before I Would Go To Sleep. As My Parents Would Play Yahtzee.

(They Sold Comic Books In Grocery Stores Back Then)

I Was Bored One Weekend. And Wandered To My Mom And Said, ‘I’m BORED’.

She Smiled And Said, ‘Go Ride Your Bike’.

So I Said, ‘Okay’. As I Looked Down In Sad Despair

Got On The Bike And Rode Around The Streets In A Fairly New Neighborhood.

And Quick Long Story Short, Made Some New Friends.

Went To The Movie Theater For The First Time And Seen The Movie, ‘Hook’, With ‘Robin Williams’.

And A Few Other Amazing Performers. Fell In Love With Movies In One Quick Glance.

On Sundays, At Around 7:00 P.m. There Would Be A Disney Program. That Always Captured My Heart.

Discovered Music. One Morning Weekend, As My Parents Went Grocery Shopping.

I Was Alone, And Wandered To The Radio In The Living Room.

I Pressed The Button To Turn It On, And Began To Slowly Spin The Dial.

Jus To Hear Something Unique For The First Time.

Lo And Behold, ‘MADONNA’!. Her Quick Yelp In The Song, ‘Like A Virgin’, Trapped Me Forever.

In A Good Way Of Course.

And On And On And On And On.

Then One Day, The Internet Arrived.

And I Began My Search In The Darkest of Night’s As The Universe Fell Asleep.

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I got sick and psychotic in 1999. I still remember finding this website and using it’s chat space at the time…I couldn’t understand why people didn’t respond right away. It was a weird world. It was so different back then and it wasn’t really moderated but there was a certain sense of community as it still is today…We can just weed out the trolls and spammers who preyed on those back in the day!


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