29 years on the net

I have been using the Internet for 29 years. I started with the BITNET in Michigan in 1989 when I studied there and then this BITNET was used primarily by computer science and maybe some academic people. I remember having some messaging from Michigan to Helsinki when we shared some information such as the prices of certain stocks. I also tried to find a way to communicate with people in Leningrad. I used IRC (Internet Relay Chat) a lot when I discussed various issues with people on that forum.

And now, of course, the net is quite different from that net in its early years.


I want you to do something. Remember the sound of a 28.8 baud dial up modem and try not to cry with joy at the state of the internet right now. :slight_smile:


I remember my first computer at school those Macintosh rectangular computer. Now I think it’s amazing how far we’ve come.


That’s as long as I am old buddy.

I got on the internet back in 95… Grew up alongside this internet thing here.

Imagine being born today with cell phones and the internet as a part of life… no dial-up phones.


I actively use internet for ten or twelve years.
Yeah i was that kid from suburbian war affected area who grew up on teen magazines and using winamp to listen the music. Or Paint for practicing art skils… Good ol times


I didn’t get a windows computer and the internet until 1995. I was in college from 90 to 93 and I had to go to the library to do research and study.

Spent a lot of time in the library

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