Times change, 30 years ago

There is the top level summit between Putin and Biden in Geneva, Switzerland today. I traveled in Europe 30 years ago and then the Soviet Union collapsed. The time just goes on. Now Putin likes to return the power of the former USSR. I do not know what happens. 30 years ago I visited Geneva before traveling to Italy. What do you think how the world is evolving? Where were you 30 years ago?

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I was 1 month and 10 days old

Why always going back 30 years. How bout 15 years. Where was I then??

30 years ago I was 18 and working on getting my first house.

@mjseu are you watching the Finland and Russia match ? It starts in 2 minutes !

I am not interested in football. So I am not watching.

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30 years ago I was partying and drunk somewhere.

30 years ago I was working construction in New York city while my wife was going to college.

We are headed towards 1 world 2 systems. The democratic world led by the US and the autocratic world led by China. Whether or not that breaks out into war I do not know.

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China has indeed developed very much during the past 30 years. The same can not be said about Russia where they experimented democratic values during the Yeltsin era which was a disaster. What happens in next 30 years will be interesting. I am probably going to be the same loser as I was 30 years ago.

30 years ago i was 10 years old and at school =p

The meeting ended sooner than expected. I suppose they did not achieve anything.

I agree with this.

I too, also agree with this as well.

Maybe one achievement was to return both countries’ ambassadors to Moscow and Washington DC.

I can just imagine how fast the past 30 years has gone. This was a big song then, 30 years ago.

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Just got out of a long two year stay in two hospitals, after about 5 years in and old of local places.
Renting a room in Santa Ana, CA.

20 years ago I lived over one month in an auto in Los Angeles area. I never visited Santa Ana and I had to check where it is located. I was in Santa Monica many times. Years have passed and I am still alive. It actually was a long distance from my little town to live in my auto in LA and SF.

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