3 months AP free

I haven’t taken Antipsychotic for 3 months
No problem so far.
Just relaxed and only taking 300 mg of lithium a day.

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Is this with drs assistance?

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Let’s hope you can stay AP free for life.


your now fine !!!
but psychosis is like
someone who glide into a big hole …!
if gliding start …he cant stop himeself from gliding
so you feel ur now fine but you dont know when you start to glide!!!
when person is psychotic he may do a crime may be go to hospital untill he back to normal and all his life stop untill his mind get back to him
so it is better to tell your doctor and he stop his meds
dont make that by urself

That was so wise said by saynow in that I agree. Sliping slope is often what it is to me personally.

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