2am and don't care

Thought about sz for hours today.boring.tired of it.think too much and the voices start. Hope death is better than sz.goodnight.

I really hope you aren’t talking about suicide. Bad times pass.
Literally every person on this whole website has suffered. But we keep going and so can you.


You’re talking to people who can identify with your suffering. We know too well how inexorable schizophrenia can be. Try not to cut yourself off from hope. Maybe you can find something to do with your life that will be fulfilling. You might think about having a family. If not that, maybe you can do something creative, like painting, writing, or performing music. Death will come soon enough. There is no need to rush to it.


Hang in there. Don’t make permanent decisions for temporary problems

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Yeah getting harassed by people the rest of your life is a life.

Who’s harassing you? How are they doing it?
Can’t you set up a booby trap and …?

When I go back to college ongoing to get harassed like I was seven years ago.nothings gonna change.