29 and holding

Marking 29 years clean and sober today. Sobriety date is Feb 15, 1992, age 23. Made it thanks to my peeps in AA. Still active in the program, but through Zoom now as F2F meetings are unsafe with The Rona on the loose. The booze free life has been good so far.



Right on, congratulations!!

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Great job!!! That’s amazing!!!

Brilliant news! Keep at it!

Glad you made the change to stop and be able to live a healthier life because of it!

but it may be reasons I’ve been suspended on here.

not trying to draw up old bones, but it’s really not uncommon, dual addiction.

congratulations @MrSquirrel =)
really great to hear you been doing good.

kudos to you for the 29th anniversary of your sobriety… not for me, but good for you.

Yay squirrel.:blush: Hugs

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Congratulations @MrSquirrel That’s a very noteworthy achievement!

Dang man you’ve been sober longer than I’ve been alive. Congratulations!!

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Well done matey. It’s not easy to let go of those chemicals but so much more healthy without the booze. Great effort.

Well done man!

You have been sober since I was in Kindergarten! Very impressive!

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And you have been in kindergarten since, uh…

Hehehe sorry couldn’t pass that up. Wubs ya!

(And all jokes aside, THANK YOU for your part in my sobriety.)


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Well done, Mr squirrel! :chipmunk: Here’s to another 29 years!

By which you mean taking over mod duties because I can definitely see how this job adds a stress to things :stuck_out_tongue: but also thanks for being a huge part of my recovery, as the first person I could see who was like me and still happy.

Oh GOD YES. I don’t miss that at all. Too many things you can’t unsee, right? It’s just hard to fit in here because I don’t feel like I’m miserable enough now. I really am enjoying my life.

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There are a few of us around who like our lives. I think more than there used to be.

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Congrats… N.