29 and holding

Congratulations! Such a big achievement. I’m proud of you.

Good on you, @MrSquirrel


Well done, :clap: :clap: :clap: :1st_place_medal:

My pal isn’t doing so good, he is in debt that will take ages to pay off and he has diabetes, he quit for aa week but back on it again :frowning: I think its a lot in part to the fact that he doesnt recognise greed, it is a very selfish thing i think.

Congratulations :bouquet::clap:


That’s something worthy of celebration.


That is awesome!!!


I Quietly Read The Topic Title And Instantly Thought You Were Going To Say Pistachio’s.


Holding 29 Nuts!. (Are Pistachio’s Nuts)?. Not Sure Really.

N e Hoo.

Congrats On Being Healthier In Your Own Personal Way (!!!).

P.s. Squirrels Eat Pistachio’s.

Not nearly as many as there should be.

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Hey, I just saw this; Happy AA Birthday!
Another AA miracle (and a lot of hard work).

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Congratulations! Be proud of yourself! I’m super proud of you.