27 years clean and sober January 1st, 2017

No booze, no crack or other drugs since 1990. Its not impossible to quit drugs and alcohol.



Congratulations! Truly inspirational.


That’s quite an achievement @77nick77. You’re one of the most inspiring people on the forum.


Fantastic! That’s wonderful, @77nick77!

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Yeah😊good on ya n congratulations.

I was without any alcohol for five/six years because I used to binge drink.
Not drink daily or weekly but when I drank I didn’t stop.

Six months or so I started drinking again thinking that this time I could leave it at one or two drinks but that didn’t last.

New Years eve I vomited in my new boyfriends pride n joy kitchen because I got drunk n probably embarrassed him n was rude to his friends who I think want him to be with another woman.
I’m usually just mute around people.

So I quit again.
It’s not on me getting of me rockers drunk.
I don’t accept it plus it’s to expensive to drink alcohol.

If at first you don’t succeed try again .

I quit smoking 10 years ago or so.

I trieddrugs but was never addict but that was 20 years ago almost I think.

Good wishes to us.:gift_heart:




I’ve never drank or done drugs (other than meds.) but from what I’ve heard about those addictions, you’re very impressive, Nick. keep it up, bud!

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Congrats @77nick77 Truly Inspirational and Remarkable!


thanks and keep it up nick…!!!


Does sobriety truly make the illness better?

I don’t think the life of any practicing addict or alcoholic is a positive, healthy one. I can’t see how the life of being a practicing addict or alcoholic and having schizophrenia could be a positive one. It’s isn’t just be altering of your mind by drugs that is the only bad thing about drugs. Its the life style that goes with it.

So if you eliminate the (illegal) drugs and alcohol it may not eliminate symptoms but it sure cuts one big, money-draining negative problem out of your life. Drugs and alcohol costs money and I’m sure most people with schizophrenia are on a tight budget or pinching pennies, myself included. I can also say on a personal note that once I quit drinking and doing drugs my life blossomed. I went from risking my life, my freedom and the support and love of my friends and family on a daily basis for drugs, to enrolling myself in college, working a steady job, having a good friend who did not lie and cheat me, and attending AA, CA, and NA meetings 5 or 6 nights a week and hanging out with people who were part of the solution and not part of the problem.

My life with drug addiction and my life clean and sober afterwards compare like night and day. They are so vastly, and completely different. Anyways, sobriety won’t cure schizophrenia but sobriety improved my life and saved it.


Happy anniversary nick…!!!


Thank you for the explanation. Maybe sobriety is my next major milestone.


First day sober today, thanks again @77nick77.


I prayed to be shown the way to a happy, healthy life and @Rhubot liked my post at that very moment. I’ll take that as good sign lol.


Hey, most, if not all recovering alcoholics and addicts who have got clean and sober with the help of AA, CA, or NA and are enjoying a good recovery love to spread the word about how they did it and they want to help the alcoholics and addicts who are still out there struggling if they can. In the meetings they say, “We can only keep what we got, by giving it away”. In other words, helping other people find recovery strengthens our own recovery.

Congratulations to you Nick!

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Thanks Turtle. Good morning? Good night?


Good morning! I hope you are well. How is your leg feeling? Is it healing?

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