25 F or -4 C in other words, friggin' cold

I’m freezing. The heater is running full-time to keep it warm in here. I’m under my electric throw blanket. It’s still cold around the edges. And we’ve only just begun the cold snap. Wednesday’s low is forecasted to be 13 F or -10 C. They are predicting snow starting any time here. Did I hear someone say the were ready for winter?

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Here it’s still beautiful fall weather.

But I’m ready for winter (I think).

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Well us in the southern hemisphere are looking forward to summer. Actually here in Queensland, it is already horribly hot and steamy, being in a sub-tropical region. It is usually how it goes here, we have a couple of weeks of cold weather, a few more weeks as normal living weather, and then the rest are all stiflingly hot and steamy.

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We’re getting that this weekend, along with snow again. I can handle -10C with light winter clothing, but it’s the -40C I’m dreading that we’ll start seeing by December.

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@Sezbot241 Hopefully there’s no flooding in Queensland. My father in law is two blocks from being evacuated in Cootamundra, NSW.

@Leaf Yuck! It hasn’t gotten that cold in Virginia yet.

@velociraptor That’s the only thing I don’t miss about Alberta. It’s such a lovely province but wow, does it ever get cold in the winter. I lived in Lethbridge for the last five years - the windy city - and between the winds and the frosty temps, it was a challenge. We got great chinooks though to help.


Had a Chinook earlier this week. It came with wind warnings and damaged roofs and siding.

still pleasant fall weather here…

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