Winter is coming!

Today is cold for us. It’s like 14 with westerly winds which really come cold. Tomorrow it’s 6 degree’s C and I need to get up early and go to the cricket club. Going to be a challenge and yes my friends from colder climates…I’m a total lightweight when it comes to cool. I do 40 degrees C and I’m comfortable…this cold business is rubbish…

And…I thought I saw a white walker this morning when I went out to get the paper! :slight_smile:


The trouble with living in Australia is that nowhere is properly heated so even though it’s not that cold, you are still suffering even when inside. I also don’t have the wardrobe for colder weather because it feels hard to justify when it’s not so extreme. I can’t cope with Australian summers either - I’m a spring and autumn gal


Yeah for sure. We have heaters and air con now up here in Qld but the cold bites worse for me. I do heat easy but gawd…those westerly winds up here in Brisbane are brutal. Wind chill will be horrid in the morning and I have to get to the club early to let a plumber in…thank gawd the heater in car is good!


If it’s cold maybe a kangaroo will lease its warm pouch to you.


I know nothing about Australia. It’s south west of me but that’s the extant of my knowledge about your country.

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It’s generally warm and dry and most people live on the coast where it’s milder anyways! The interior is basically a big desert and thus why we live on the coast.


Where is exactly this Outback I hear about in movies?

Just a curious American here.


Basically the eastern seaboard is blocked off from the interior by the great dividing range…a mountain range that isn’t that big world wise but does the business…inside that which is the interior is usually dry and sparse and the traditional “outback”. It’s a tough country for sure and most of the natural wildlife has it in for you! Even kangaroos can cause you some damage! Except koala bears…they are cute.


Glad to hear you have some proper heating! I’m struggling with one crappy oil heater and blankets. My dog is better dressed for the cold weather than I am! I’m in Sydney and hadn’t even realised Brisbane got so cold- I always associate qld with the tropics. It’s freezing and the winds are out here in Sydney today too.


Yeah been to Sydney a lot. Your cold spell is moving north and we’re getting it over the rest of the week. Brisbane usually is warm even in winter. In summer the humidity can be bad but further north is way worse. It’s not so bad in Brisbane. I grew up here so heat is easy for me. It’s good we’ve air con now… heating and cooling in summer makes sleeping easier for sure!


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