20 years ago

I lived in my auto in America and drove from Miami to NYC where I stayed nearly one week. It was a good experience. Back in 1988 one of ex-girlfriends sent me a postcard from NYC to Finland and it was nice to see NYC’s evening as it was in this postcard. I visited Queens and Brooklyn, drove around the Central Park many times. The time has just passed.


There were times when I was on the street and feeling good because the medications were leaving my system, but I stopped feeling good when I got in trouble.

I was a 15 year old girl and I was being bullied at highschool.

I was homeless and I think I was in Florida. I met someone named Roger. I left and went home. But was mostly homeless till 2002.

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Around that time i moved to Australia. Still can’t believe it got so wrong.

I was 7 years old going to private school good times

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Mother put me out of her house and I was homeless for about a month in 2008. I was court ordered into the State Hospital, and discharged after about a month. I went into transitional housing, and when my Social Security Disability came through my case manager rented my current apartment for me.

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Same here except 16 and male. We moved a lot and I went to 4 different high schools, different one each year, was crappy.

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I was working 3 jobs supporting 4 children and a wife. I didn’t mind though.

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I was serving my country in the navy.


I think I was a stripper.ha ha ha a bad one.
I didn’t make enough to live well of it.
Not in Sweden and around this time I madturbated with a dildo on film for 1000 kr which is no money at all and then later in life I did it for free.
I was never a prostitute but I did get naked and show it all back then.

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