5mg to 3.75mg Olanzapine

Considering dropping medication dosage from 5mg to 3.75mg Olanzapine.

I feel like I need a change to carry on, just fed up.

I’m completely stable on 5mg so maybe that’s a sign that I’ve recovered and no longer need medication?


Do you still have any symptoms?

In any case 5 mg is a very low dose of zyprexa. When I was on it I took 30 mg.

Do you have any side-effects?

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Be careful …talk to ur pdoc …

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I don’t have any symptoms and I don’t have any side effects other then maybe feeling a little flat.

I have come off of medication once and relapsed after five months and lost insight for six weeks of delusions and then suddenly came back to reality.


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Since you have little side effects and have relapsed before, I wouldn’t risk it.

Don’t get it??? I know it’s the same old story but feeling empty and down and want a way out of this mess

Same happened to me too… I dropped seroquel from 600mg to 300mg within 1 month … I relapsed Badly …Now I am On Back On Seroquel 600mg …

I have Started Doing Deep Breathing Excercise and I Run On Trade mill every Evening …

I feel good …Hope To recover SooN And Start working…

It’s how you feel - you’re taking Olanzapine!

Quitting the med is a bad idea, but switching I think you’d never look back

Then when you’re happy I post these

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

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Only ever come to this forum when I’m down and schizophrenia is on my mind! I’ve really got nothing to gain from lowering my medication but part of me wants to destroy myself and the other part doesn’t have the courage

Explain your situation to a pdoc, and let them know you’re unhappy with Olanzapine, and would like something that does not make you feel like a zombie

My two cents


Yeah could do I’m scared that I could end up on something worse though. Also I like being on a sub therapeutic dose, makes me feel like I’m recovering for some reason

In my opinion, you’re on the worst med for recovery

I have been on 8 different APs and that was the one that made me feel constantly like ■■■■ and tired all the time - plus the massive weight gain

There are much kinder meds out there

If you feel like a sub therapeutic dose is ok, a weaker AP is surely going to help you?

Olanzapine is a bit of a sledgehammer


That’s precisely why you shouldn’t lower your meds or stop them without a dr helping you. I mean, the reason you feel so good is that you’re taking your meds.


I think it is a sign the medication is working and you should probably stay on it.

I was on 40mg of olanzapine, and I was stable, but the health side effects were atrocious, I slowly reduced and when I hit 10mg I ran into problems, but still had health side effects so I quit it.

I’m now on Lurasidone and doing much better.


Im on 5 mg lowest dose over here.
Do you think you feel down because of medicine?

No I believe I feel down because I haven’t got over separating from my partner of 11 years and no longer living with my son.

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Yeah I suppose it could be. They’ve never actually told me how long I’m supposed to be on this medication since I’ve had my second episode. Although from here I realise it’s most likely to be permanent!

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People can feel down, but dont stay there too long, life has much to offer.

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If I could have my family back I would be completely happy, but there’s no way my ex partner will have me back

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