11 voices hitherto

  1. Goddess Annette
  2. Isidore (Annette’s assistant and representative)
  3. Lucifer
  4. Louisa (Lucifer’s assistant and representative and mother of demons)
  5. Jesus
  6. Meher Baba
  7. Mr Thoughtless (neologisms and gibberish, he is an hebephrenic)
  8. 27000 demons speaking in one voice simultaneously
  9. Ian Curtis (Singer of Joy Division, he committed suicide)
  10. Euronymous (guitarist of Mayhem, was killed by fellow musician on 1993)
  11. Beelzebub (talking dirty while having sex with Louisa)

2 years ago, I had only 3 voices: Goddess Annette, Isidore and Louisa. These last two were something like angels or machines. Since then many more voices appeared.

Voices evolve. They get more complicated and intricate. Intertwined with delusions

Who is goddess annette?

The first and main voice. Like Kali, Shakti etc. The female force

I need help. I wouldn’t like this thread to be locked. I don’t think I did anything wrong.

Dont think this thread will be locked because its still within guidelines.

Ok, yes. For how long have you been without positive symptoms?

Since January, had a two month relapse before that, and before the relapse for 2 and a half year and before that was unmedicated living secretly in an imaginary world for about ten years.

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10 years? That is scary. Didn’t you have any relative or friend who could see your condition and would take you to a hospital?

OMG I am so confused. My brain will explode

“your brain is full of liquid. It’s Beelzebub in liquid form”

I was high functioning so no one noticed. The delusions were always in the background plus since I was on a secret mission I wasnt allowed to talk to anyone about it. I really thought what I was experiencing was normal.


It was a very exciting part of my life and extremely enjoyable, it ended up in horror and terror though.

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I called my psychiatrist. He said to take a haldol pill and a benzo. I was desperate. Now I am better

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are you only on the haldol?

No. Abilify, zyprexa, clozapine

Do meds actually help u om?

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Yes in two ways: i have days without voices at all. And secondly my voices are mild