11 voices hitherto

Is the plan to reduce all and stop except the haldol depot?

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Yes, if it’s safe. We’ll see.

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@Om_Sadasiva have you been assessed recently?

This sounds like DID to me.

No offense in any way.

That’s not accurate. I don’t lose time. I am me all the time. Probably you don’t know me and my case well

I’m talking about dissociative personality disorder.

I’ve never really met a SZ/SZA who has defined names and descriptions of voices that he/she hears.

I’m no pdoc, but that sounds a lot like alters to me.

Just IMO.

all my voices are people that I know except one. like friends, family, and celebrities or acquintances, even a couple of my past pdocs, I would hear… I hear them talking to me, so yes I know their names.

just one stranger, who I thought was a witchdoctor.

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It doesn’t sound like alters at all, friend.
I never lose time or identity.
It’s silly. Lol

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