15mg Zyprexa

Hi again saw my pdoc today. She increased my zyprexa to 15mg for two weeks. If no improvement in my depression by then she will start me on lithium.

Any of you taking 15mg of zyprexa? It’s just that I take 10 mg and it hasn’t helped me. My pdoc said 15mg is therapeutic dose for treatment resistant depression.

I hope the 15 mg helps me because I’m not having any luck so far on all my meds. She decreased the lyrica to 75mg three times a day and I am to stay on the 10mg abilify and 300mg effexor.

It’s all due to somataform disorder as well. The dizziness is physical symptom from past traumas she told me. Functional symptoms I have. I feel totally disconnected from everything and everyone. I suppose it’s all part of my illness. She said the meds are only the battery but I’m the engine so have to push myself to do more for myself like exercise and self care. I remain hopeful things will change once the right combination of meds work! At the moment nothing is working. I’m scared of how awful my symptoms are. There is no break from them.

Have to just wait and see if the zyprexa will kick start me so far it hasn’t but I hope it will and then I wont have to start lithium…all I seem to be doing is going around in circles with these meds! Surely something will work for me. The zyprexa I hope at 15mg will do the trick.


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