I saw my pdoc :)

hi all
I saw my pdoc yesterday. she didn’t want to put me on serdolect cause she said that I look better and that ive made some progress. she proposed me to eventually increase my Zyprexa on 10 mg. Ill do it slowly I guess :slight_smile:she confirmed that sometimes recovery takes years yeap… I asked her for sleeping pills but she didn’t want to give them to me and she prescribed me a seroquel for the nights when I dont sleep. its a second ap. I had a nasty side effect on seroquel in the past, after a month on it I start to be bothered by the sounds so ill see if ill take it really. but I know,yes, that Seroquel has a greater sedative effect than Zyprexa…
I forgot to ask her if my speech will improve but I guess its like all the rest. theres no magic pill I know I know. the best for me still is Zyprexa and Depakote. she also said that every person on earth has to give up on some things, we all lose sometimes yeah…at least I find myself thinking less about suicide which is a relief :slight_smile: for the positive emotions there will be a hard work but my pdoc also said that the best for it is to see more people, to sit on a coffee outside with my mom etc etc…
kisses guys, its a hard illness but the meds are a big help, dont give up :wink:


I’m glad your doctor was able to reassure you. And I am very relived you won’t be switching to such a dangerous med. good luck on the higher dose of Zyprexa!

hi ninjastar, yeap, maybe its a good thing that I am not on serdolect. probably its too risky

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Good going with pdoc @Anna1 …hope 10mg Zyprexa will do magic in your life…!!!

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thanks farcry. I dont believe that it will eradicate my fears but it will help me to fight them I guess. plus, I should work on my emotions too, yeah

Good to know you’re doing better Anna :slight_smile:

thanks @Minnie, I am still symptomatic I find but at least reassured I guess and mostly, less depressed :slight_smile: .


I’m on 50mg zyprexa and 1500mg of depakote at bedtime. They don’t really make me all that drowsy. I have trouble falling asleep if I’m hearing voices. I’ve been on this combo of meds for 6 mo. I feel like my suicidal feelings have been reduced.

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I am the same johnny. my suicidal thoughts are reduced and me too I dont fall asleep after my Zyprexa. I guess we are agitated or anxious still. my pdoc says it can take years for a med to work.