Raised again


I just raised my medication to 15mg zyprexa. Maybe i need more than before i dropped my meds in November. I don’t know maybe i will be able to drop to 10mg in a few months.

I shoudn’t have dropped in November, now i need more meds ! And all of these side effects… I will see if it’s enough, i’m afraid to be resistant now.

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Best of luck with the new dose.

I had to up my dose of abilify a few years ago. I went from 10mg to 15mg also. I feel more stable on the higher dose.

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Thanks! I see my pdoc tomorrow. I’m glad it’s ok for you with 15mg.


I’m always either upping a dose or changing a med. it’s really frustrating. I hope it works for you

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I started taking this med nine years ago, so I know it. But I’m anxious about his efficacity yet. Hopefully it will works.

Must be irritating to often change his med.

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