0.5 mg Haldol Daily starting tomorrow

For most of the time since November 2013, I’ve been on 1 mg of Haldol daily.

My hands have been shaking so much at work that I’ve probably gotten about 20 comments about it from my boss, my boss’s wife, and customers in the last 6 months.

Today, in my first in-person appointment with my psychiatrist since COVID, my psychiatrist told me to go to 0.5 mg of haldol daily, evidently because of the parkinsonism. I did not get it in writing, because at that reduced rate, I still have meds before the next appointment.

Although I seem to have recently overcome the “Clint, Son of Edith” delusion about the 23 Avenger movies, I suspect that if I start slipping, I may start going on about comic books being inspired of God or some other bizzare sounding stuff

I hope I don’t get psychotic. I have another psychiatrist appointment in just a few weeks.


Hope the med reduction works for you if not maybe switch to a different med?

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Thanks. My psychiatrist and I discussed that today. We decided to try a med reduction first.

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I was on 0.5mg up to 10mg of Haldol before.
My reductions and med changes are always a source of instability.
My experience tells me to test the waters with small reductions of 5-10% at a time.
But if it doesn’t work, going back up in mg is preferred over the mental hospital.

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Thanks. I’ve never been admitted to a mental hospital. I’ve been in a holding cell at a jail, though. Thankfully, I responded well to meds as an outpatient.

I hope that doesn’t happen to me. I’m on 100 mg decanoate. I just switched to the shot. Before the shot, I was taking 15 mg of the oral haloperidol

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Haldol is known for movement problems. Atypicals are better regarding this. Anyways 1mg is a pretty low dose so you are more likely to be stable on a lower dose. I am on 5mg risperidone which is 10mg Haldol and if I reduce by 1mg I get symptoms.

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Good luck! @Rosenthal

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