Zyprexa zydis?

i have been reading about a trial that says when patients switched from zyprexa to zyprexa zydis (the orally disentigrating tablet) that they lost weight and had reduced appetite because it is being absorbed through the mouth so there is less of something with 5ht2c and stuff

also it causes less weight gain than regular zyprexa,

is anybody on zyprexa zydis i am considering going on it because if i gain less weight and am not hungry and binging everyday like how i was on regular zyprexa that would be great


Is it a new drug …?? Sing…??

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it is not a new drug it is olanzapine but an orally disentigrating tablet and there is a trial saying it made people lose weight when they switch to it from regular olanzapine

That would be extremely good news!

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I’ve been on it for years. I maintain a decent weight but could lose more. I am in the process of changing my diet etc.

It’s absorbed through your mouth as you say. Dissolves on your tongue and helps by hitting your blood before the gut.

I haven’t lost on it yet…but I also haven’t gained. I gained a lot of weight on risperdal.


Orally disintegrating Zyprexa appears to
cause less weight gain.

A few studies have shown that orally disintegrating Zyprexa Zydis appears to cause less weight gain than standard Zyprexa, but they have been short term studies. This one-year study (which did not receive any industry funding) enrolled 26 patients, all of whom had schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder, and all of whom had been stabilized on standard Zyprexa (average dose 13.9 mg/day). These patients ranged from overweight to obese, with an average BMI of 32.4, and an average weight of 96.2 kg (212 pounds). In this open trial, patients were switched to the equivalent dose of Zyprexa Zydis. Of the 22 patients who completed the trial, 82% lost weight, and the average weight loss at one year was 2.7 kg (5.9 pounds). Most of the weight loss occurred within the first three months (Chawl B and Luxton-Andrew H, Hum Psychopharmacol Clin Exp 2008;23:211-216).

TCPR’s Take: Because this was an open trial, some of this weight loss may have been due to the effects of expectancy rather than the effect of the change in formulation per se. Nonetheless, this represents the fifth study consistent with the theory that Zyprexa Zydis causes less weight gain than standard Zyprexa. Since Zydis disintegrates on contact with the tongue, much of it is absorbed in the bloodstream before reaching the stomach. If the Zyprexa causes weight gain by stimulating serotonin receptors in the stomach, Zydis may decrease weight gain by avoiding this hypothetical mechanism of action.

i gained a lot on regular zyprexa but when i switched meds i lost most of the weight right now im on abilify and its not working but im wondering if zyprexa zydis would make me gain alot like the regular zyprexa or if my weight would stay the same