Zyprexa - serious weight gain, And it made me insane

Hello - I started taking zyprexa a few years ago and i gained so much weight from it, (always been skinny before that)… i gained 66 pounds from this drug and the doctor wont switch me off it and refuse to change this horrible medication, I used to take a very high dose but now i started taking a very low dose because I felt like a zombie .and still I constantly feeling blurred out and I even went to the gym alot for a few months and didnt lose any weight ,and i ate healthy food .
lately even gained bit of weight on the lower DOSE!!!
Anybody here lost any weight on zyprexa? Its freakin’ impossible

Also the doctor misdiagnosed me with schizophrenia as i havent had any symptoms of this disease, Only lately I started having weird “realistic” hallucinations and also never heard any voices…


What dose are u taking

Currently 5mg i took 15-20 mg for years

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Yea Meds are so different for all of us.

I take 20 mg and I’m fine.

And I’m sensitive to meds.

Speak to your doc and find out if there’s anything else to take.

Maybe a switch of meds etc

Hey Wallafish, have you tried any other ap meds? I only heard about seroquel
Have you gained any weight also? because thats a high dose


Yes I gained a little weight but nothing to serious.

I tried other meds and the most stimulating I took was abilify so maybe speak to doc about that one.

It didn’t work for me though but as I said everyone is so different when it comes to meds…

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