Closing threads after time

A lot of us get into trouble for bringing back old threads why don’t we just make it 2 weeks after last comment to stop the problem it will get a lot of people in less trouble

The limit on what is considered a zombie thread is 3 months. SOme threads automatically start with timers on last comment , some do not.

It’s much easier for us to just deal with someone bringing up a zombie thread than to go through every thread and set a timer.

I think trouble is used loosely there. The only time anyone really gets into “trouble” with commenting on zombie threads, is when they have been asked repeatedly to not, but they continue to do so.

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There is only one user infamous for this and it ain’t you Fish.


I’m just trying on behalf of everybody too not cause problems the bottom have thread suggestions and some of them are old I’m just suggesting and yeah I can’t remember the last time I messed up Its not often tho just looking out for people lol

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