Zinc for anhedonia


Cognitive functions, such as learning and hedonic tone, are impaired with zinc deficiency.[3][20] Moderate and more severe zinc deficiencies are associated with behavioral abnormalities, such as irritability, lethargy, and depression (e.g., involving anhedonia).[21] Zinc supplementation produces a rapid and dramatic improvement in hedonic tone (i.e., general level of happiness or pleasure) under these circumstances.[21] Zinc supplementation has been reported to improve symptoms of ADHD and depression.[3][22][23]

I’m planning of starting eating oysters for zinc instead of supplementing it. Six oysters equal about the amount that’s safe.


It doesn’t help for schizophrenia because in this case anhedonia cause is schizophrenia and not zinc deficiency.


Needs to be balanced with copper if consumed too much. Zinc displaces copper.

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Zinc is useful especially if have sleep related issues like insomnia, narcolepsy and also good for anxiety, depression etc. It also improves testosterone levels and helps in improving immunity. Its an allrounder mineral but need to make sure not take more than daily requirements. Too much zinc can create cognitive impairment, can lower good cholesterol HDL, memory problems, irritability, impulsiveness etc.

Yes it improves anhedonia, personally i experienced it. It might be due to increased serotonin in brain. It can also cause bad emotions, rage etc.

Copper excess can cause several mental issues and in fact zinc is used to counter copper toxicity so the good effects might be due to lowering copper toxicity issues.

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Sinemet works almost to good for anhedonia but if I take to much I get diskinesias

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Oysters have both zinc and copper

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