Zelda, stop picking your face

It’s just been a nightmare, the bed bugs.

Phil stripped the bed and told me to throw my mattress pad away

something I didn’t want to do since it’s so comfortable.

He torn my bed apart and Shop vac’d it, we found their nests

he got it real good, but it’s still permanent.

We’re hoping with me sleeping on the couch, they will die without a host

or burn off with the sun.

Never had this problem before. Then I tried sleeping in Phil’s bed,

to eaten alive! So we got two beds with bed bugs!

My arms and legs, bleeding, scratching, and I’m picking at them.

God, if I had money, I’d buy a whole new bed set.


To get rid of bed bugs, you have to hire an exterminator and wash everything with soap and hot water. Including all your bedding, linen, clothes, stuffed animals and pillows.


Maybe you can wrap your bed :sleeping_bed: n plastic and tape till they die

You need to clean every where, they will be laying eggs in Ton of warm places where they can feed from

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I regret posting this

call me a bad house keeper

this took me 10 minutes to post.

Anyone can get bedbugs, no matter how good you keep house! It isn’t your fault, they can climb on you in an infested place and then infest your house. They are hard to see and hard to get rid of.

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I’ll ask Phil about an exterminator, he’s been bombing both the rooms. idk.

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Just be careful not to inhale that stuff or smoke near it. Don’t want to hear you poisoned yourself.

The link I put up has lots of info on killing them

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Yah they are really hard to get rid of. It’s okay to post this @Daze. I’m not judging you at all. You can get bedbugs no matter how clean you keep your house. I love Zelda, which is a character from the Link games so I had to click on your post anyway. :rofl:


Professional is the way to go

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Yeah it’s not a matter of how clean you keep your house. You can pick them up in other places and once you’re home they get in your stuff as well. I hope you’re able to get rid of them soon.

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This pest is a big problem in the USA for greater than 10 years.


We had bed bugs… They are hard to get rid of best left to the pros. getting rid of the beds won’t solve it we learned that the hard way. Little critters can get everywhere !

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A house we almost moved into had bed bugs. The in-laws friend who did move in there had to spray his house three times but he did eventually call an exterminator.

When I lived with my parents we all got scabies. Nasty itchy rash. I did four treatments with the cream then I was okay. Nasty mites.

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It’s ok @Daze, just make sure you contact an exterminator.
It will be fine.

Getting bed bugs isn’t a reflection of your housekeeping.

I’m a total clean freak and got bed begs once.

My husband brought them home after traveling for business.

We had to get an exterminator,

It was expensive, but the only way we could get rid of them.


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