You're twice as likely to develop mental health problems if you smoke, HSE says



Could it be that if you are likely to develop mental health problems you will be drawn to smoking early in life?



Came here to say this!
Instead of smoking causing mental illness, could it be that mental illness is more likely to cause smoking?


The article does however say

The provisional results found that 14.5% of smokers have a probable mental health problem compared to 7.7% of smokers. The rate of those who quit smoking was 8.1%.

I assume they mean 7.7% of non smokers.

But I had quit for years and I still ended up in hospital.


Mentally ill sufferers are more likely to smoke.


Hmm. That’s like what came first the chicken or the egg.

I started smoking around 13. That was the time when my doctors and parents discovered I was mentally ill. But I did show signs before I smoked. So I really couldn’t say.


I was a heavy smoker, but I’m free of nicotine for greater than three years now.



Yeah I agree with @Berru and @valiumprincess . I’d say mentally ill folk are more likely to take up smoking. It’s like the chicken and the egg all over again!


I’ve never been a smoker. I did drink to get rid of anxiety though. I was very controlled about it but it was probably still a bad idea. I’m glad I have the meds instead now. They don’t have the getting drunk side effect. :slight_smile:

So, yeah, I can see how a mentally ill person would be more likely to take up smoking or drinking or some other drug.


Yeah I think there was a mental elf article posted here awhile back. That there are three possibilities: 1. smoking causes mental illness, 2. Mental illness causes smoking, or 3. There are overlapping risk factors for both mental illness and smoking. Or something to that effect.


Are u Irish ever hopeful? That is an Irish website.


Lol. The power of the internet. I’m from somewhere in Europe though. Maybe Ireland but maybe not :thinking: I’ve never revealed my location.


It may be that other risk factors are connected, like urban upbringing, poverty, culture etc.


At the assisted living center where I live I would say that 80 - 90 per cent of the people smoke. There are usually three or four people on COPD breathing machines. I’ve seen a couple of people die directly because of smoking. I’m so glad I was able to quit smoking in the army. I’d be as sick as these people if I had kept smoking.


Im disappointed in myself i quit 3 years ago then just on xmas i got drunk and couldnt help myself and started again :frowning: going to try quit again.


Don’t get discouraged. You can do it.


I don’t smoke but tried nicotine patches to see if they’d help my cognition but I didn’t feel any different at all on the patches.