Your pdoc's best advise--thread

my pdoc said to me when i was in the trip of psychosis ‘‘you won’t always feel that way, don’t give up on hope’’

whats your best advise from your pdoc

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I’ve never got advice from a pdoc.

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If you can’t grow up grow sideways.


my third shrink said " don’t do meds, because it could unravell the gains you have made ".
take care

Maybe belongs in Top 10.

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The second pdoc I saw said to me ‘you’re an awkward and troublesome teenager’ . That was after flipping out because I was going to be sent to do something I had no aptitude for. Instead of understanding I got admonition. The thought of pdocs as white knights vanished instantly. Cue years of a bad therapeutic relationship with pdocs/mental health professionals that only became ok, not good, when I basically became too burnt out to fight for what was right and learnt not to say much.

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When I was young I would act out a lot, sometimes violently. A doctor once told me something to the effect of, “You have this ability to be calm on minute, extremely violent the next, then calm again. It’s why people are afraid of you.”

I had never really thought that people were afraid of me. His words made me take a closer look at myself and I think it helped calm me down. I didn’t act out nearly as much after he told me that.

Well, I guess that wasn’t advice, more of an observation, but his words helped me a lot.


something along the lines of taking medicine

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My therapist simply and intimately explained to me this one: “Your parents want you to be happy.” This observation came as a revelation to me because all I was aware of was their critical nature.

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My favorite comments by a psychiatrist were: (to paraphrase)

“You have in the past more than willingly taken who knows what made in clandestine laboratories who knows where and yet you refuse to even try to take a medicine”


“I am not an authority on reality…no one is…my concern is are you suffering?”

-same doc


My pdoc never gave me an advise, or had a conversation with me. State provided pdoc’s sucks.

to take medication. im taking abilify 10 mg now.

**That`s great!

“These meds can sometimes do more harm than good” this is what my current pdoc said to me - she is full of wise sayings - this was when my moods were pretty much everywhere and I asked for another mood stabilizer - she was against the idea of over medicating me

I told my doctor about the voices in my head trying to tell me to harm myself and she asked me what I did, I told her the truth, I put on my headphones and turned up the music, then focused my attention on other things and the voice and the images kind of went away for a while. She told me that was a good thing to do. I also said it was telling me to research ways to hurt myself and that I was flat out refusing to do the task they were telling me to do. I love will power.


“run”, in evaluating my illness to be started and triggered from a negative environment

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My MD. has funny phrases when he doesnt have a real answer

kind of in a sigmund freud tone of voice : emphasis on the sigmund freud tone. he has an accent

  1. Hmmm, This could be challenging.
  2. I think you will be ok.

also my other pdoc, said to me, the brain is like a lump of jelly dont put drugs into it

I think it shows impact when I can’t remember anything they’ve told me, except for what my previous therapist told me about my hallucinations. saying they were a gift and I should work on them. that is scary.

There have been a lot of moment that have turned a light bulb on here and there in my time.

The one that comes to mind easily

My doc told me to treat my intrusive thoughts like sneak waves. Sure it’s a surprise when they spring up, but don’t try to over think and ponder them… let them pass.

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