Your first ever single bought

I was 12 and I bought “touch me” Sam fox :grinning:


Green day - dookie


Reverend black grape - black grape

I never bought singles. But I have bought a lot of albums and my first one was The Division Bell by Pink Floyd.


Daft Punk - Discovery… I was 11 :slight_smile:

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Boney M - Night Flight to Venus. Can’t remember how old.

Either Gary glitter - I love you love or Showaddywaddy - Under the moon of love. I still have dubious taste in music

No judgments,

I was in 6th grade…


‘Hands Clean’ by Alanis Morisette :smile:

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Thriller by Michael Jackson lol

Umbrella by Rihanna

“Strap on the Side,” by Spice 1. Yeah, I was 14 and all about gangsta rap lol. The B side of it was a song called “Jealous Got Me Strapped,” by both Spice 1 and 2Pac.

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Hot Child in the City by Nick Gilder 1978

I’m pretty sure my first purchase involved candy. We’d get tooth fairy and birthday money when I was little and I’d always spend it right away at gas stations on candy. Eventually I got the idea to start saving it and my first ever big purchase was when I was like…9 or 10 I think? It was a $100 life size stuffed dog. I had wanted one for a while, one of the ones that looked like a real dog. I ended up becoming somewhat scared of it because I swore it was in a different position every time I came back to my room :joy: First big purchase possessed stuffed dog

EDIT Goddangit I misread this I read it as first ever thing bought

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I don’t judge you at all but still it makes me laugh!!! :grinning::wink:

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hmmm always bought albums so it would have been Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd. Haven’t listened to floyd in ages…might have to revisit sometime!


“Got To Be There”, by Michael Jackson. I was 11 years old and a big fan of his. He was 12. It was 1971.

HM, trying to think back I would think it was either something by Janet Jackson or New Kids on The Block…(yeah I’m an 80’s brat)

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Either Nirvana or Aaliyah…

Mc hammer - 2 legit 2 quit