The first single

The first single I ever bought was when I was 11 I bought sam fox touch me.

You mean, Samantha Fox? That’s kind of sad that you were so young and buying that.

When I was 11 I was into K-Tel albums.

It had a good beat

Yeah probably played a lot in clubs before everything went techno.

I bought Gary Glitter I Love You Love. Makes Sam Fox seem ok really

Chic - Everybody Dance

But she wasn’t, she was actually a porn star, I think.

1975…I bought this single from Pilot…

Yes! I even had great taste in music as a 9 year old kid!! :wink:


She was a topless model in the UK before she crossed over to pop and presenting.

This was my first…

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Are you trying to prove she is innocent? She was very much brash and suggestive when she came on the scene. Those with a fragile mindset should not have latched onto her.

She was probably a bit young and dumb. I agree with you her music sucked but pretty innocent stuff compared to videos these days. Which is not a good thing.

Well, sure, yeah, I mean we think we have become so liberated, when in fact they never knew women like Samantha Fox! I’m just saying don’t follow those idols, glad I never did, and I was in my teens too when she came on the scene, even loved a guy who had her poster plastered to his wall. Nothing for men equates justification with baring all.

I don’t know about singles but the first cassette that I bought was Def Leperd ‘Pyromania’ you remember ugly off color one?

I saw them in concert and it was the loudest experience ever, ears ringing for two days straight. the one armed drummer was totally hip. But it was during the time of “Pour Some Sugar on Me”

Yeah mam,you are talking about the Hysteria album,maybe my favorite album ever r,every song rocks.

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