Your first date

Do you remember your first date?

I do.

It was terrible.

My friend wanted me to go on a double date with her and some guy she liked.

I was 100% not into the guy she fixed me up with.

We just kind of tried our best to make conversation and get through dinner.

Funny part, she ended up marrying my date years and years later.

Then I found out through a family member that the guy I was on the date with is also one of my very distant cousins.

We see each other when I go back to my hometown,

And always joke about it.

How about you?


My " first date " I was in second grade and a boy took me on a bunch of rides at the fair and played games to win me stuff. His mom and mine were best friends.

My real first date was to a bowling alley.


He said he didn’t want a relationship, but decided to go on a date with me anway so I was so confused until I realised what he meant by that. He should have been more clear before we met. We met at a cafe.


I had a date with a french woman. She told me i am a kid and i am not a match. That was about 25 years ago.


Didn’t have them. Had a friend I went for coffee with, dancing goats with milk. when we kissed she went way too fast and i was too embarrassed to tell her so. she eventually got mad at me for not telling her when some guy told her she was going too fast there was the mall with gab. we made out in the middle ofthe mall. it was 8th grade. playing pool in joshelyns basement. I didn’t really have formal dates where you are getting to now the person.


My first date was my senior year of college. I took this beautiful woman to go swimming. Yeah not exactly a first date but it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw her. I married her and was married for eight years before my disease took me away from my family.


Oh gosh, my first date (if you could call it that) was the summer I was going into freshman year of high school, with a guy going into his senior year of high school.

We just walked around town, took some shots of alcohol at the park and smoked some dijarum black cigars…. We were boyfriend and girlfriend for like a week until I realized I was not attracted to him at all. Couldn’t hardly bring myself to even kiss him. Poor guy.

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It was pretty much a nightmare. I was a freshman in high school but my best friend was a junior. Her mom wouldn’t let her date the guy of her choice unless it was a double date, so Kelly set me up for the night.

I ended up having two dates. One of them fancied himself to be a replica of the blond guy from The Terminator - super tough, don’t ya know. The other was introduced to me and immediately said, “I think you should know, I have bisexual tendencies.” Those were his first words to me. The bisexual part didn’t faze me, but the lack of boundaries when I had just found out his name caught me off guard.

David the Terminator guy was mad because Eddie the lack of boundaries guy sat us so Dave was on the end of the row and was not next to a girl.

You’d think I would have been wary after that, but Dave and I ended up in a disaster of a five month relationship at the end of my sophomore year. I was 15 and he was 22. Yeah. And our first date then was supposed to be at someone’s party, but she didn’t want anyone there who had not been expressly invited. So I ended up spending the night at Dave’s house trying to keep his hands out of my pants. UGH.

No wonder I have not dated many people…and thank goodness I am now happily married for 20 years. Before we got together, both of us swore we’d never get involved in another relationship. Surprise!



We met at bible study as teens. She still gets a hold of me every few years. We’ve had……history, drugs, flings, bad behavior. Finally stopped it when I got sober.

We went to a local renaissance fare. Parents dropped us off and picked us up when we were ready.

We walked around, did a lap, then found a quiet spot and made out for most of it. We dated for a few years, then we broke up when I went on homeschool, and she went to high school .

She has openly told me a few times that I was the one who got away. 20 years after the first date, she still had the poems I wrote her.

Was rough, but I had to sever ties. I don’t answer her calls anymore, I didn’t want her to have the chance to break my heart again. Life lesson about deserving better.

Good question!


He turned up with a mate of his and we had Chinese meal


I got so drunk I threw up on her during a makeout attempt.

No second date for some reason.

Class act all the way, that’s me.



I dont remember my first date but an early date i had was with a girl from church we tried to have sex in an abandoned house but couldnt figure it out so we went back to her place

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I honestly cant remember, or dont know if what i remember to be the truth. I lost alot of memories but i do remember my first kiss i think. When i was young and innocent

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I was the other end of that once.

Second date, she got trashed, drove her home and we were fooling around with mouth parts, she bobbed, choked, and vomit stale candy shots and hibachi all over my lap.

Showered and kept the towel I had to drive home in. Pants in a plastic bag.

We talked once after that, never mentioned it, and never went out again.

I do believe she was more mortified than I was.


Freshman year of high school I had my first gf, who gave me my first kiss, as well as my first date. We met at the mall, hung out there, just talking, getting to know each other, having a good time. Her name was Trina, short for Katrina, will never forget her.


Wasn’t then, am now. The worst part of alcoholism is how it twists your behavior.


Oh my yes, fully agree’d. I had to relearn who I was without alcohol. Values, reactions, and what was important to me.

Only time I ever felt similar was when I started antipsychotics, had to relearn who I was without 80-90% of the voices and god delusions.

The cult seems so far away now.



I never had any formal dates just hookups


My first date was around the age of 7, after the communist regime fell. Before that, exotic goods such as figs, dates or even oranges were very hard to come by.


@Wave I thought you were married at some point?

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