Daughter's First date

A bit of a Milestone.

She’s 13 and I dropped her off at Starbucks and met her puppy dog crush. He’s a cute little boy…looks like the kid from the movie Sixth Sense.

His Father was so proud, he announced on Facebook that his son was going on his first date! lol!

How old were you when you went on your first date? And how did it turn out?


Hey patrick sup…??? Good morning brosky…??


I don’t remember my first date, sad really

I was 18, actually. I got dropped off by my godmom at my boyfriend’s martial arts studio. We spent the weekend together for our first “date.” A little unconventional, but I always have been.

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I remember my first real date being around 18 years old as well. We went to see Back To The Future…then had a bite to eat.

Yes! That 80’s movie! I’m old! :wink:


I was 15.
Went with my romance to go see “Phantom of the Opera” (the movie)

People don’t really date where I’m from, they just kind of flirt until they’re drunk at the same time, and hook up.


And btw congratulations!
I bet it’s a strange feeling, seeing your little girl all grown up :smile:

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Thanks @Berru,

It’s all very innocent. My daughter hasn’t even reached puberty yet. But at the same time, it was a bit bittersweet for me escorting her on her first date. Geez time flies!

It sure does!
Haha, this thread reminded me of when I was 13. My stepdad joked that he would want to hide in the bushes wth a shotgun when I’d start bringing boys home.
He never got to do it though, because I brought girls home instead.
Joke’s on him! :stuck_out_tongue:


I went on a triple date. My Dad took us to the movies. I was 12. I don’t even remember what we went to see.

Hope your daughter had fun.

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I talked to my little girl after the date and she said there wasn’t much of a spark!

I hope she doesn’t break this little guy’s heart. I mean, even his excited Dad was posting about his son’s date on Facebook.

We’ll see…

I was 13 also for my first date. My girlfriends dad drove us to the roller skating rink. It lasted about a month. She was the first girl I kissed. When we broke up her dad said if he ever saw me again he’d run me over.

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Hah! The roller skating rink? You must be of middle age like me! :wink:

I took a red haired girl into the city. We went shopping and she got her belly button pierced!


I had my first day at 18, we went to this cute open air mall in southern Mexico City!
I am still dating and in love with the person I had my first date with!


I think I was 12

I was probably 17,

Told my parents I was going to dinner and a movie,


We went to a rock quarry, spray painted rocks and got super stoned.

It was really fun, we made a beautiful painting and he didn’t even try to touch my boobs.

How romantic.


My first date was with a group of kids going to the movies in Mexico City. In Mexico, in the mid 70’s, kids didn’t go on dates alone with their beau. Dates were a group endeavor. I didn’t pick my date. He picked me. And I wouldn’t have chosen him myself but he had the idea that I was for him. I was 15 years old.

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Picnic in an apple orchard. We fed goats, bought cider and laid in a clearing of clover in the sunshine. He looked at me and said, It’s funny when you’ve been friends for so long, but then you realize it’s so much more. Then he kissed me.

It was pretty freaking sweet.


I was 15. We went to a movie, but then he didn’t want to watch the movie, and kept trying to kiss me. I was absolutely disgusted! He wanted to get his spit in my mouth! It was horrible. I came home and ranted about it to my dad, who listened to it all and said, “you know, if you’re gay, that’s totally fine.”